Justification Evidence

The following are accepted as justification evidence:

Employment exceeding 14 hours per week: Employment contract or statement from employer and the last payslip. If the payslip shows the scope of the employment in terms of time, no contract needs to be submitted. If your employment contract does not show the precise scope of the employment (this is often the case for contracts as student trainees/student assistants), please submit the last three payslips.

Freelance work/self-employment: VAT return or evidence of VAT payment or income tax assessment, whereby turnover of at least EUR 10,380 must be demonstrated in the year. If no annual turnover is available, a quarterly turnover of at least EUR 2,559 must be demonstrated.

Raising a child under the age of 18: Birth certificate of child or family record

Caring activities: Assessment from the nursing care insurance fund with allocation to a care level and evidence of appointment as a carer

Disability/chronic severe illness: Medical certificate showing that, in accordance with § 2 IX. SGB, you are hindered by a disability or chronic, severe illness from undertaking a full-time course in the period during which a part-time course is applied for.

Competitive sports: Evidence of membership of an A, B or C squad within a high-performance sports association.

Involvement as an elected or appointed representative of student or academic self-administration or Student Affairs: Appointment decision in the institution or certificate of appointment.

Comparable serious reasons: Written justification and suitable evidence