study plan

Selection of the part-time curriculum

If several part-time curricula are offered in one degree programme, you are free to choose between them. In both versions, as many CP can be acquired in the semester as you wish. Choosing the curriculum determines the time of examinations with obligatory registration, where these are specified in the examination regulations.

We recommend:

Choose the curriculum with 20 CP per semester if you want to primarily be considered a student and thus

  • Can remain covered by student health insurance and
  • Can work as a student trainee.

Choose the curriculum with 15 CP per semester if you are employed and want to have the right to unemployment benefit if you become unemployed.

The part-time status is stored in TUCaN with no information about the reason for studying part-time, but this is not stated on the certificate of study. A certificate regarding part-time status is issued upon approval.