Biology (Bachelor of Science)

Course start Winter semester, part-time studies from 3rd semester
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Ensuring academic success By the end of the second semester, a minimum of 20 CP in modules of the programme must be achieved.
Internship study-internal internships
Thesis Requirements: at least 110 CP
Workload: 360 hours
Deadline: 20 weeks
  • The internships can also take place as block courses during the semester break.
  • The four advanced modules of the higher semesters are organised as full-day 3-week blocks spread over the entire academic year.
  • Depending on the course to be supervised, the duration of the course supervision is between 7 and 14 weeks either during the semester or as a 1 to 2-week block.
  • Duration of the career-oriented research internship at least 6 weeks full-time.