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The Technical University of Darmstadt offers more than 90 courses in part-time and therefore enables many students to make their studies more flexible and more suited to their life situation. We inform students about the opportunities offered by part-time studies, how to study part-time and under which conditions part-time studies can be taken up.

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Part-time studies

Moodle course for students on the topic of part-time studies.

In an open forum you have the opportunity to ask questions, exchange experiences and network with each other. You can post in German or English.
The course also offers you the opportunity to make an appointment directly for online counselling via Zoom.

To the Moodle course part-time studies

The Moodle course is only accessible with a TU ID.

Information about part-time studie is now available in video format!

Information video on part-time studies

What is part-time study? Who can apply for it? Where can I get more information? We have answered these and other questions for you in a short video. You can find a detailed overview of the most important points here .
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us . We will be happy to help you!

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