Study plan & duration

Selection of the part-time curriculum

If several part-time study plans are offered in one degree programme, you are free to choose between them. In both versions, as many CP as you wish, can be acquired in the semester. The part-time study plan does not set any minimum or maximum requirements. Also the doubling of the deadline for the thesis is independent of the chosen study plan.

We recommend:

Choose the curriculum with 20 CP per semester if you want to primarily be considered a student and thus

  • can remain covered by student health insurance and
  • can work as a student trainee.

Choose the curriculum with 15 CP per semester if you are employed and want to have the right to unemployment benefit if you become unemployed.

The part-time status is stored in TUCaN, but this is not stated on the certificate of study. A certificate regarding part-time status is issued upon approval.

Duration of part-time studies

The application applies for one study year (2 semesters), or for longer, if desired, in the case of child-raising or disability (for child-raising, at most up to 30th September of the year in which your youngest child turns 18).

A part-time course can be applied for as often as you like.

Please note: Part-time status is not automatically transferred when transferring to a master course or when changing course. You must submit a new application!

If your reasons for part-time studies no longer apply, you must inform the service point part-time studies, studying with children immediately. You will then be transferred to full-time status at the end of the current semester.