Advantages and limits of our part-time offer


Part-time studies take your individual circumstances into account and help you to succeed in your studies. Your advantages are:

  • A reduced work load per semester.
  • More time to meet your other responsibilities.
  • Extended deadlines for minimum performances, requirements and double the time for your thesis (exception Architecture).
  • Two part-time semesters are counted as one subject-related semester (Fachsemester).
  • Greater planning reliability due to part-time study plans.
  • You have more time to apply for the Deutschlandstipendium (study scholarship).
  • If the other requirements are met, it is possible to receive unemployment benefit and citizen's allowance (Bürgergeld).

On request, we can also certify your part-time studies with or without your part-time reason.

Limits of our part-time offer

The Technical University of Darmstadt is a presence university and studying is our focus. That means:

There are no separate courses for part-time students. You attend the same courses as full-time students, and you should visit the courses as well. Although many courses are supported by online offers (live streams, exercises, materials, scripts etc) or are offered as e-learning courses, these are only intended as a supplement to the courses to increase your flexibility. In case you are unable to attend, you can rework an event in this way. With the right planning you can often reduce your attendance at the university to 2-3 days. But you should be there. If this is not possible for you, a successful graduation is rarely possible.

Therefore: Your studies should be your focus as well!