Application procedure

Application period

The deadline for applications for the summer semester 2024 has expired. Applications for the winter semester 2024/25 can be submitted from1 September to 31 October 2024.
Please submit the completed application form (opens in new tab) with the evidence within the application period per e-mail to For security reasons, only application form and proofs as PDF are accepted. In particular, zip files and links to clouds will not be processed by us. Please also note the instructions for completing the application (opens in new tab) .

The certificates must also be submitted in the event of a repeat application. Please note that for reasons of sustainability, we will not return your certificates to you, but will dispose of them properly. Therefore, please do not send us any originals that you still need. A copy is sufficient.

You can apply for part-time studies if you

  • are enrolled in the full-time degree programme;
  • are not pursuing a double degree;
  • can demonstrate an accepted part-time reason (see below) and
  • part-time study is permitted in the relevant semester of your degree programme .

You must submit the completed application form (opens in new tab) and the supporting documents to the service point part-time studies, studying with children within the deadline. Please also note the instructions for completing the application (opens in new tab) .

You can find information on the selection of the study plan under the menu item Study Plan & Duration . If you still have further questions, please call us or arrange an counselling appointment through Moodle ( TU-ID required, partly German). You can send us the application and the supporting documents preferably by e-mail, but also by post or fax.

The supporting documents must also be submitted in the case of a re-application.

Please note

Part-time status is not automatically transferred when transferring to a master course or when changing course. You must submit a new application!

Justification evidence and proof

The application for part-time study must be justified. The justification evidence must be submitted with each application. The following are accepted reasons and their justification evidence:

Employment at least 14 hours per week: Employment contract or statement from employer and the last payslip. If the payslip shows the scope of the employment in terms of time, no contract needs to be submitted. If your employment contract does not show the precise scope of the employment (this is often the case for contracts as student trainees/student assistants), please submit the last three payslips.

VAT return or evidence of VAT payment or income tax assessment, whereby turnover of at least EUR 11,208 must be demonstrated in the year. If no annual turnover is available, a quarterly turnover of at least EUR 2,802 must be demonstrated.

Raising own or adopted children under the age of 18: Birth certificate of child or family record.

Only the care of a close relative is considered.

Proof: Certificate of the nursing care insurance (Pflegekasse) which shows assignment to a nursing level and you being appointed as caregiver.

Disability/chronic severe illness: Medical certificate showing that, in accordance with § 2 IX. SGB, you are hindered by a disability or chronic, severe illness from undertaking a full-time course in the period during which a part-time course is applied for.

Evidence of membership of an A, B or C squad within a high-performance sports association.

Involvement as an elected or appointed representative of student or academic self-administration or of the Studierendenwerk Darmstadt: Appointment decision in the institution or certificate of appointment.

Comparable serious reasons: Written justification and suitable evidence