Tips for part-time studies

You cannot devote all your time to your studies because you are working, raising children, caring for relatives, doing competitive sports, seriously ill or handicapped? Then the following recommendations may help you.

Our Tips for part-time students

Be open!
Deal openly with your life situation. You shoulder burdens that other students do not have. Being employed, having children, caring for relatives or being affected by illness is no disgrace! You can expect help and understanding. Discuss your situation with your mentor.

Visit the counseling!
You do not have to stick to the full-time curriculum that was developed for a different time budget. You need a study plan that is appropriate for your life situation. Get regular advice from your department's student advisory service. There you will be recommended a suitable curriculum.

Set yourself realistic goals!
Do not compete with other students, the recommended full-time study and examination schedule or the duration of your studies. Your performance depends on your life situation. It is not quantity but quality that counts. You should set yourself realistic goals in consultation with the student advisory service.Fewer exams, but good results! Define for yourself what you want to achieve this semester. Do not plan beyond one academic year. Because remember, something can always come up in your situation.

Be efficient!
You have a small time budget for your studies, which you must use optimally. If you still have problems with work organisation or exam preparation, we recommend additional courses on time management, exam preparation, etc. Hochschuldidaktische Arbeitsstelle offers a good range of courses.

Let us help you!
Mentors, professors, study advisors, fellow students and many other people can actively support you in your studies if they are given the opportunity. There are many general counselling centres that offer a wide range of assistance. To service point part-time studies and further advice services