Effects of part-time studies

An official part-time study program provides you with advantages within the university, such as deadline extensions. Outside the university, however, part-time status can also be associated with disadvantages in individual cases (e.g. no BAföG entitlement). You should therefore seek advice from the service point part-time studies, studying with children.


  • The deadline to submit final papers is extended to give double the length of time (except in the Architecture degree programme)
  • The deadline to achieve the minimum performance for every semester completed part-time is extended by one further semester to a maximum of four semesters
  • Examinations with obligatory registration are to be taken for the first time in the subject-related semester stated in the part-time curriculum
  • A part-time study year (two university semesters) counts as one subject-related semester
  • The part-time course has no effect on health insurance when the correct part-time curriculum is selected (20 CP curriculum receives student status under social security law; 15 CP receives the right to social security benefits)

Please note:

  • A part-time course is not eligible for BAföG support
  • If your residence permit is dependent on your university education, accepting a part-time course without the approval of the immigration authorities can risk the loss of the residence permit.

If you need any further advice on how part-time studies may affect you please feel free to contact us.