Philosophie (Bachelor of Arts)

First or second subject of the Joint Bachelor of Arts

Course start winter semester, part-time possible from 1st semester whereby the subject with the longer admission restriction determines from which semester part-time study is possible.
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Ensuring academic success A minimum achievement of 20 credit points in all subjects together is required by the end of the second semester of full-time study. In part-time studies an extension of the deadline is possible.
Internship A voluntary internship is possible.
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Thesis Requirements: at least 120 CP
Workload: 360 hours
Deadline: 24 weeks
Note This subject can only be taken together with one of the following subjects:
Digital Philology (opens in new tab)
German Studies (opens in new tab)
History (opens in new tab)
Political Science (opens in new tab)
Sociology (opens in new tab)
Computer Science (opens in new tab)
Sports Science (opens in new tab)
Business Administration and Economics (opens in new tab)

The Joint Bachelor of Arts combines two equal subjects. The graduation is a Bachelor of Arts. Part-time studies in the Joint Bachelor of Arts (J.B.A.) are only possible for both subjects together. The time from which part-time studies can be taken is defined by the subject with the longest restriction on admission. Possible combinations and the resulting part-time options can be found in this adjacent illustration (German).

Overview workload per semester for subject combinations 9 semesters (German) (opens in new tab)

Overview workload per semester for subject combinations 12 semesters (German) (opens in new tab)

Start semester for part-time studies
Start semester for part-time studies