Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Bachelor of Science)

Course start Winter semester, part-time studies from 1st semester
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Ensuring academic success
  • The module “Mentoring as a subject-specific instrument” (18-de-1032) prescribed in the study and examination schedule in the first two semesters serves as subject-specific support instrument. In addition, students are assigned a personal mentor from the status group of professors, who can advise them at regular intervals throughout their studies.
  • Until the end of the 2nd semester full-time students have to complete at least 20 CP. For part-time students this period will be extended.
Internship internships within the study programme (see Module Handbook)
Thesis Requirements: at least 130 CP, proof of internship
Workload: 360 hours
Deadline: 24 weeks
Note From 01.06.2018 all compulsory registrations for the subject examinations in the compulsory modules will be dropped!