Ingenieurwissenschaften und Mechanik (Bachelor of Science)

Course start winter semester, part-time studies from 1st semester
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Ensuring academic success Orientierende Eingangsphase: Modul “Orientation IWM I: Mentoring for first semesters”
Orientation Modules: Mathematics I 9 CP; Engineering Mechanics I 8 CP; Introduction to Programming I 3 CP
Internship -
Thesis Requirements: Successful completion of the following modules:
▪ Engineering Mechanics I (8 CP)
▪ Engineering Mechanics II (8 CP)
▪ Engineering Mechanics III (8 CP)
▪ Mathematics I (Electrical Engineering) (9 CP)
▪ Mathematics II (Electrical Engineering) (9 CP)
▪ Mathematics III (Electrical Engineering) (9 CP)
▪ Technische Thermodynamik I (6 CP)
▪ Introduction to Progamming I (3 CP)
▪ Introduction to Programming II (3 CP)
▪ Physics (Electrical Engineering) (6 CP)
▪ Project course: Digitisation, AI and Data Science (7 CP)
Workload: 360 hours (12 CP)
Deadline: 32 weeks