Chemistry (Bachelor of Science)

Course start Winter semester, part-time studies from 1st semester
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Ensuring academic success
  • Admission assessment procedure according to § 3a section 5 APB (Further information can be found in the study regulations Satzungsbeilage 2022 – II (German) (opens in new tab)).
  • Minimum performance according to § 3a section 6 APB: By the end of the second semester, a minimum of 20 CP must be earned in modules of the degree programme.
Internship study-internal internships
Thesis Requirements: at least 120 CP as well as successful participation in the modules required for the specialisation (See SB2022II (German) (opens in new tab), zu § 23 Abschlussarbeit – Voraussetzungen, p.81)
Deadline: The deadline for the practical part of the bachelor thesis is 8 weeks in full-time studies, including the written part 10 weeks. An extension of the deadline to double this period can only be granted after prior consultation with the supervising professor.